Acquisition Services

Identifying the best vehicle for your use is critical for the efficiency of your business operations. FleetPartner can help you select the optimal solution for your needs.

Vehicle Selection

Our experts can help you develop vehicle selectors so you can provide the best choices for your drivers. We can also provide specification assistance so you can put together the right vehicle to fit your drivers' needs. Whether you need a car, pickup, van, forklift, or heavy duty truck, we can help build the right product.

We can use our Lifecycle Cost calculator to help find the best value for the type of vehicle you need, considering resale values, miles driven per year, fuel costs and your lease term. We'll give you the data you need for a side by side comparison of the vehicles you are considering. The bottom line of the lifecycle analysis shows the comparable costs of the vehicles you're considering - frequently, a vehicle that is less expensive upfront can be more expensive in the long run.


FleetPartner provides substantial price savings through vehicle concessions and volume discounts, and we pass these along to you. We actively monitor special manufacturer programs and program eligibility to take advantage of all possible discounts. Be sure to take advantage of our interactive pricing tool that will allow you to build your own vehicle and submit a request for your low acquisition price. Click here to access this powerful tool and start building your vehicle.

Ordering and Delivery

FleetPartner offers multiple ordering options. With our newly upgraded ordering system, we can order vehicles from the manufacturer and keep track of its production and delivery status, sending you weekly email updates to multiple contacts. Vehicles can be delivered to a local dealer of your choice, or we can arrange for convenient driver pickup through our extensive dealer network.

For larger fleets we have an online ordering option that enables customers to use our interactive website to choose vehicles based on preloaded selector lists. The customer simply fills in driver information and color choice and submits their order electronically.

Stock Purchases

FleetPartner can also assist with your immediate needs through our stock locator service – we can search for most makes and models on dealer lots throughout the country to find the best fit for you. When comparing factory orders to stock purchases , FleetPartner will provide the solution that works best for you. We’ll also arrange for the delivery of the vehicle to your location. Please call us toll free to begin this process.

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