Maintenance Products

FleetPartner maintenance products make it easier for you to stay on top of maintenance schedules with two separate options.

Maintenance Management

Through our partner network, we are able to provide a comprehensive maintenance program that helps you proactively coordinate your fleet maintenance and provide greater control over your costs. This program manages your repairs before you actually repair the vehicle.

We’ll provide you with a preventative maintenance (PM) schedule that supports the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance program. We’ll also email oil change reminders to you, along with customized repair reports that capture what you want to see. This helps you and your drivers keep track of what should be done to keep your fleet in optimal condition.

For any repairs outside of the PM schedule, participating repair facilities simply call an ASE Certified Advisor who makes sure that the maintenance is within acceptable parameters, both in terms of cost and frequency of the service being requested. Anything outside acceptable parameters will be brought to your attention so you can decide prior to the repair being completed.

Maintenance service also includes auditing of repair invoices and automated warranty tracking. Moreover, through a comprehensive service software system, the FleetPartner team can recognize if manufacturers are experiencing a high number of related service requests, which could indicate a design or component failure, and seek goodwill financial adjustments for you from the manufacturer.

All repair activity is captured within the system, which allows you to receive or create reports that are of interest to you. The program’s online tool can push reports to you at regular intervals, or you can log in to view, create or download reports at your convenience.

Purchasing Card

This program is designed to manage the maintenance and repair costs after you repair the vehicle. We’ll provide you with a credit card that has nationwide acceptance at over 97% of all repair facilities. These cards will have the necessary controls to make sure that only maintenance and repair items are authorized.

Like the maintenance management program, all repair activity is captured by the system, and you can create custom reports that show the information you need.

Whichever maintenance produce you choose, having a program that allows you to monitor the repairs of your vehicles will save you substantial money over the life of the vehicle.


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