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Welcome to FleetPartner’s green page!

FleetPartner’s Green Site hopes to provide you with guidance and information relative to alternative fuels and vehicles with a goal of offering cost effective solutions to improve vehicle efficiency reduced emissions.

Green Vehicles

There are many different types of vehicles that are classified as “alternative fuel vehicles”. These vehicles are generally available through FleetPartner’s acquisition services.

Hybrid Cars - Popular cars like Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion, Ford Escape and Chevy Tahoe are much easier to obtain and can be factory ordered to your specifications. More information is available at

Interested in flex fuel? E85 and Ethanol Blend vehicles are available. Check out for more.

For more information on natural gas or other alternative vehicles check out the cool sites or go to

What can you do to help promote green policies? Green Ideas is waiting for you!

Green news you can use! Green News


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